Friday, April 22, 2011

Its been a while

Wow I just typed a whole page, and with a quick flick it was gone, don't you just hate that.

After hubby losing his job, he was working in Jacksonville, I was working myself up no end, and didn't want to move there, when oops... the job was finished and he came home. I have decided wherever God wants me to be is where I will be, now he is working in Tampa, so if thats where I need to be then that is where I will be moving to.

In between the lady I nursed, passed away, it left a hole in my heart, which  surprised me after a few short months, but it was a privelege to have known her.

This week, my dear friend Beatriz, had a mini stroke, on Monday, which gave me a scare, the thought of losing her was very frightening, but praise God she will have no lasting effects.

I haven't done a lot of scrapping recently, I will try to get posted what I have done, before I leave for the UK on Monday. What I have been doing is working on my art journal which seems to be easier to pick up and work on, perhaps because I do not have any new photos, which should be solved by my little break.

Here are some pics of my Art Journal

and this is the painting I did for my neighbor Lee who painted his 'Man Cave' the color of Georgia red soil, he wanted a mural, but he got a painting instead, ha ha.

Today is my anniversary, so I was sad I couldn't be with my husby, in fact I am not even gonna see him till I get back from London...

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I haven't even had my computer on for the last month, ....i miss you. I try to send some pics this evening so you can scrap one more page befre you go.

    Give my love to beatriz....