Sunday, December 11, 2011

Challenge @ Jacquies and SCRAPPIN’ AROUND THE WORLD.

My daughter Jacquie- @Jacquies -  is also a scrap booker,and a very talented word art creator, and jewellery maker, she has teamed up with a friend Kim to make a blog forum called Scrappin" around the world,
and I am accepting the challenge which has been given, here is my take on their Layout.

Have a wonderful week

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heyy we are back

Finally we have begun scrapping again... we went to a one day crop invited by a very nice lady Angie, to meet her scrapping friends, and that is how it goes. A new circle has begun. 

My friends from Dothan are making a road trip here in March it would be so nice if we could combine everyone.

Anyway here are some of the pages that Siobhan and I did, I did not have my photos that I wanted to use with me as they were delayed in shipping so I photographed them without, they now all have photos attached.

This weekend I went to see my husband who is working in San Antonio, it was a nice weekend, even though he was working, and it was rainy and cold, I was glad to get back to the 78 degrees that was Florida.

Black Friday 2010

Still black Friday 2010

UK Meet up with mum and sis Windsor

Sissys house Byfleet Surrey UK

when Keith and I went to the Naval Air Museum

My dear friend Peggy gave me this Photo before I left Dothan

Siobhan did this one before I left Dothan, her as a youngster

This was in Holland a visit to Conner for his 4th July Birthday

Siobhan did this one of Micky (my grandson, her Nephew)

Again one of Siobhans

and the last one of Siobhans baby pics of her with her brother in the background

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorry about the photos

Well my weekend has started.. strange huh.. to have a Tuesday and Wednesday for your weekend.  my plans take some pics, do some scrapping (yes scrapping) and clean my floors.

Sorry abou the pictures of Whimsadoodle, I took them with my phone and don't know how to get them to my computer.  Next time I will take my camera.

Lately I have been very lazy, and haven't been doing any scrapping but hopefully that will change.

This weekend Danny Farquhar the son of Beatriz and Steve, was playing Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays against the Tampa Rays, he got to pitch in the eighth inning he got a strike against the Rays his first in the Major League, Danny was fantastic, we went to see him afterwards and Valerie took some pics, he gave his dad his ball used in the strike, I was very emotional, and Beatriz was very excited, to be understood, her baby......

Joey and Siobhan had a wonderful time at the game also.

Since coming to Tampa I have been working as a planner, at Pemco who also have branches in Dothan and Cincinnati (and Japan), this is an MRO facility which is Maintenance, repair and Overhall, we maintain and repair planes from Jet Blue, United, Global and Northwest among others. I coordinate with the customer and our Production Teams, to schedule down time for the planes and make a flow chart (and Milestone chart) of the work to be done, for each individual type of check, this is then maintained and updated twice a day.

 Here are some pics of recent planes

Have a great week peeps....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Here is the last layout I made with Beatriz in Alabama...

 The brown book on the left is interactive and folds out , the doors on the right open also to reveal (a photograph) underneath

I went to Whimsodoodle in St Petersburg Fl this morning, if I can get the photos off of my phone I will post them later, it is Fantastic...... has everything, and yes I did spend too much.

Hey...I'm baaaaacccck

After all this time.. been busy settling in and working again, no time for anything, its a long story, which I will continue.....

All it took was a conversation today with a friendly lady who also scrapbooks

Will be posting in the next couple of days

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello friends

No- no layouts..... sorry, when I got back from the UK I found out I was moving to Clearwater, Hubby is working in Tampa and I'm gonna be working there too as of Monday.

I am excited about the change in status, but I'm also sad at leaving people behind. There is so much to do, apart from unpacking, but finding where things are such as grocery stores etc..... to finding a church.

Keith and I are going to be sharing an office/scrappy room, so we will have to see how that works out, I guess once we empty the room of boxes that will be a start.

Anyway, I will keep you informed of the (slow) progress and send pics when ready...

E mail address and chenge of address sent by e mail so if anyone is missing an update let ne know.

Monday, April 25, 2011

off I jolly well go

Off to London for the Royal Wedding... except they forgot to send my invite, oh well just have to watch with my sister and my Mum.

A little scared to drive to Atlanta and find the extended parking and get through security with my new knee, oh well results should be worth it.

I didn't have time to get my layouts posted still they will be here when I get back.

Love y'all