Thursday, May 13, 2010

highlighting art

Yesterday I spend the day scrapbooking with a very nice lady, she gave me a challenge to scrapbook a Bible verse, I wanted to keep it simple as I would like to frame it.

We touched on the subject of me painting, which I haven't done is several years, working full time doesn't give you much time to scrapbook or paint, so maybe I'll get back to it now. There is a yellow glow on the paintings as I took the pictures last night.

This is one of my Dutch influence, I actually did one similar, but with lots of bright colors, which is hanging in the home of an HR lady un the Netherlands, my first commission. The blue tulips is hanging in my home in PA

I love poppies

My youngest daughter is a most wonderful ballroom dancer, unfortunately she stopped a couple of years ago as the costs are prohibitive, it costs over a hundred dollars for one lesson. Anyway I did a series of three paintings for the tango, and Siobhan has two of them. I usually use acrylic paints as I like the texture and the brightness of the colors, I only use watercolors occasionally, Christmas 'o8 I did a Hawaain one for Von's Christmas, after our trip there early December. As you can tell I do most of my painting for other people.

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  1. Good for you, enjoy your free time and get back to painting :)

    Beatrice has a good influence on you !