Saturday, May 8, 2010

Catch Up

Well its been a while since my last blog!!!! we moved recently to Dothan, AL This was because Keith was offered a Maintenance Supervisor position at Fort Rucker, AL he is now a member of the Management Team, how strange for him and how nice that he is finally doing a job that is worthy of his skills.

He started work on March 22nd, and had to be there on the 18th March for medical etc. So I had to stay behind to pack up furniture, clothes, kitchen stuff, garage stuff, more stuff, all the stuff. Siobhan and Joey were gonna stay on in our house in Pittsburgh, but have just recently decide to join us here in the sun.

I stopped work on April 8th and furniture was picked up on 15th, (wed) Keith was on night shift and finished on Saturday morning, he flew up from Dothan to Atlanta, Atlanta to Pittsburgh, and he was scheduled for the second flight of the day which had a mechanical failure, and he ended up getting to Pittsburgh around 6 oclock in the evening. Slept till about 11.30pm, then we drove with two dogs 16 hours (18 with stops) to get here. Luckily he didn't have to start work till Monday night. Our furniture arrived on the 22nd April and my next week and half was packing out all the boxes etc.

I have been looking for a job, kinda would really like to work part time. I thought I amso have to start meeting people and making some friends. My first outing was to the local jobcenter, which wasn't much help, and then to the local scrapbbooking store, where I met Autumn who runs the store and Beatriz who designs for them. They told me about a four day crop 29/30/1/2 so I could manage to join them on 29 and 30 I met lots of lovely ladies. I couldn't go on the Saturday because Keith had a managers summer picnic. Beatriz and Amanda invited us to go to their church on Sunday, the coincidence was the guest speaker was a Scottish gentleman from Peterhead. Someone was trying to tell me something.

I decided as I was not working I should spend some more time blogging, and I want to add my scrapbook 'creations' as well as my photographs. In the words of Beatriz 'men are made to go out and work women are made to stay home and scrapbook.

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  1. Love your blog!!!!! Can't wait to see your creations here. Steve took me to lunch after church, I slipped and hurt my knee pretty bad.... now I am in bed! Call me!