Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Animal Crackers

There has not been much activity here in Dothan for me, not out and about activity anyway, apart from Monday Night which was card ministry at the church, where you make cards, the first one is for the church, they rest you can keep, I did it the other way round, the first one was for me and the other three for the church, they send them to people who are ill, for example.

I am a bit lobster looking as I had sat out in the sun Monday for all of an hour.

I have attached two layouts which I made for two of my lovely granchildren Yvano and Conner.

This one was for Conner
(I know Yvano also likes Dinosaurs)
Adapted from the original done by Beatriz of Amazing Grace(blog) she is so talented, and reaches out to people. I am going to her house to scrap with her today, as she had a very nasty fall on Sunday and has a cast on her leg.

This one is for Yvano's pictures, cos he's my little wild boy....

One thing I have been working on for about a week is because Siobhan and Joey are moving down here, I had to find someone to lease our house... and Yayyyyyy if all goes as planned an 18 month lease will be signed today. The people seen very nice ..they are living in Arizona, and she comes from the Baden area, her brother lives less than a mile away from our home, and she wants her children to be brought up with their cousins. her husband is a master technician for Toyota, and thinks that the transfer will be seamless for him. So Yayyy for us and Yayyy for them.


  1. Beautiful pages my dear friend. Come over soon!

  2. I am so glad you found someone ! Siobhan told me they have to be out by the 30th so that will keep you busy. I sent you a copy of Theo's card, just to keep you up to scratch !

    Hugs from me :)