Thursday, October 22, 2009

Montana Page 2 September 24-29 2009

The Wedding

The wedding was held outside, on a mountainside in Coram, MT.
The countryside is beautiful, and although I was doubtful that in north west America at the end of September it would be nice weather, I must say it was a beautiful day, not only because of the weather, the people were lovely, the ceremony, simple but heartwarming, that these two people who came from such different backgrounds, would meet and fall in love. Everything is meant to be I guess.

There were three flowergirls and one ring bearer (all cousins of the groom, Romy and Lisa from the Netherlands, and Alexis and Jessica who live in South Carolina), plus a maid of honor (Kari, 0ne of the brides best friends). An international wedding party. (Heidi's grandparents were there also from Hawaii where they live on the island of Maui)

Standing with Mike, the groom was his brother Wesley.

Heidi walked on the arm of her father, she had a beautiful halter necked dress with a small silver decoration on the neckline. The flowers were all in beautiful autumn colors.

I was lucky to swing my camera around in time to catch Mike's face as he saw Heidi walking towards him.
So romantic!

We ate in the open air also, and although there was no dancing etc, it was as I said earlier it was a lovely day, and it seems like everyone enjoyed it.

Continuing tales of our trip to Montana in my next blog.

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