Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Heyy we are back

Finally we have begun scrapping again... we went to a one day crop invited by a very nice lady Angie, to meet her scrapping friends, and that is how it goes. A new circle has begun. 

My friends from Dothan are making a road trip here in March it would be so nice if we could combine everyone.

Anyway here are some of the pages that Siobhan and I did, I did not have my photos that I wanted to use with me as they were delayed in shipping so I photographed them without, they now all have photos attached.

This weekend I went to see my husband who is working in San Antonio, it was a nice weekend, even though he was working, and it was rainy and cold, I was glad to get back to the 78 degrees that was Florida.

Black Friday 2010

Still black Friday 2010

UK Meet up with mum and sis Windsor

Sissys house Byfleet Surrey UK

when Keith and I went to the Naval Air Museum

My dear friend Peggy gave me this Photo before I left Dothan

Siobhan did this one before I left Dothan, her as a youngster

This was in Holland a visit to Conner for his 4th July Birthday

Siobhan did this one of Micky (my grandson, her Nephew)

Again one of Siobhans

and the last one of Siobhans baby pics of her with her brother in the background


  1. wow..... love them all!!!!!! I am so happy you are back scrapping. Can't wait to visit you ion March. Maybe before since Danny will be there since the middle of February. Love ya!

  2. Awesome mummy...i am glad you got back into it....