Monday, September 26, 2011

Sorry about the photos

Well my weekend has started.. strange huh.. to have a Tuesday and Wednesday for your weekend.  my plans take some pics, do some scrapping (yes scrapping) and clean my floors.

Sorry abou the pictures of Whimsadoodle, I took them with my phone and don't know how to get them to my computer.  Next time I will take my camera.

Lately I have been very lazy, and haven't been doing any scrapping but hopefully that will change.

This weekend Danny Farquhar the son of Beatriz and Steve, was playing Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays against the Tampa Rays, he got to pitch in the eighth inning he got a strike against the Rays his first in the Major League, Danny was fantastic, we went to see him afterwards and Valerie took some pics, he gave his dad his ball used in the strike, I was very emotional, and Beatriz was very excited, to be understood, her baby......

Joey and Siobhan had a wonderful time at the game also.

Since coming to Tampa I have been working as a planner, at Pemco who also have branches in Dothan and Cincinnati (and Japan), this is an MRO facility which is Maintenance, repair and Overhall, we maintain and repair planes from Jet Blue, United, Global and Northwest among others. I coordinate with the customer and our Production Teams, to schedule down time for the planes and make a flow chart (and Milestone chart) of the work to be done, for each individual type of check, this is then maintained and updated twice a day.

 Here are some pics of recent planes

Have a great week peeps....

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