Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time flies...

Haven't hd time to post this week, why not you may ask and I will tell you.... I have been Granny Sitting, well actually its more like Patient Care, friends of mine at church asked if I was available to help out with his Mother, her mother in law who had had a fall, she lives with her daughter, who would contact me, well after about four days (she had written down the wrong number) she called and I have been working every day since last Sunday.

The poor lady is very sweet, unfortunately bed ridden and incontinent, its been a long, long time since I did work like this and it's pretty heavy going sometimes. Also I haven't worked in 9 months at all, and had the kne replacement in July before hand I was in an office, so I have been wiped out, my back has been playing up, as have knees, and some other muscles I had forgotton about. The one thing I have done scrapbooking wise is finish off a lot of layouts, I got pictures printed and tomorrow (my day off) I will photograph and blog.  You will have seen some of them before, but not completed.

till tomorrow ..Luv Ya and..... have a great Saturday

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