Saturday, December 11, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Isn't it a wonderful time of the year.. I love it, apart from the madness in the stores, and people getting upset because the thing their kid really wanted, is out of stock everywhere... for me it is about giving, not just at home, but as with my friend Priscilla, getting clothes and blankets together for the homeless, we are all one one job short of being in the same position, she also went yesterday and donated some milk from Working Cows Dairy to the food kitchen.

My work last weekend pretty box huh, I made the flower on the top too
and when the box is opened, the sides are not fixed so that you can add photos, isn't it cute.
Fall y'all

 another one bird cage and flower

 This one had some antique items, the post card is very old, also the lace on the bottom is from a very old wedding dress and the buttons are also antique.

 And finally one for the season Happy Holidays

Happy Christmas shopping
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  1. Hi Sandie, Finally figured out how to post my comments, oh well, better late than never. Your artwork never fails to leave me in total awe of your skills. Fabulous ideas for me to attempt. Luv ya, Your Big Sis, "Liz"

  2. I all all your tags and box, beautiful work. It's very cold in Chicago... but lots of fun wearing 4 layers of clothing... Luv ya!