Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today is launch day at CPC Challenges... Mine is in there too and here it is get over there and check it out, do the wonderful challenges, and support all the hard work my colleagues have done.

This is my challenge
Heritage Scrapbooking means honoring those who have come before you by documenting the stories of their lives.
The people in the photos are not only just old relatives, they show you who you are however indirectly, Heritage Scrapbooks help keep family history alive for future generations to explain their family history, and where they might have inherited their nose, eyes, hair color or even their sense of humor. By treasuring their stories and images, it is as if our relatives are still with us because we know something about their lives and the times in which they lived.

Many people are a little daunted by the idea of scrapping 'Old Pictures'. My challenge will perhaps help people to get started, each month I will focus on one technique that can be used on your Heritage Page, and this month we will focus on TAGS, which can be used as an embellishment on your page.

Here is a picture of various types of TAGS and a page using a TAG as an embellishment

Start off by using a Manilla tag or simply a piece of cardstock cut to size. Ink paint, chalk whatever is your preference, until you have the effect you require, you can stamp, decoupage, add embellishments such as flowers or buttons, again there is no right or wrong.

This is my challenge for September, you have a whole month to play with this and upload your TAGS using the SHS01 (so we know which challenge it refers to).  I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

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