Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend fun

At long last I have done something to scrap, this weekend was a scrap at Paper Moon, and after a very good morning of Physio Friday, I felt well enough to go after lunch until dinner time... I didn't get very much done because, I was chatting and catching up with my friends,  on Saturday I went in the afternoon also, (after sneaking out of the house and driving there myself he! he!) again I didn't get much done, but I did do some labels and one layout. I left about 3.30 and it was my intention to go back in the evening, but... hubby stopped off on his way home from work and picked up my stuff .. which is retrospect was a good thing, as I really did too much this weekend

Here they are........

and here is a layout of Yvano who was ready to support the Dutch National 11 in Soccer in the Quarter Final, I tried to age these a little to see how it would work in heritage style.

Yesterday after church, Siobhan and I joined the Pippins and their friends for lunch, and how enjoyable it was, and how lovely these people are. Have a wonderful blessed Monday, love y'all!


  1. They are allllll gorgeous! Beautiful work. Can't wait to play soon! Luv ya

  2. Love the layouts. You need to take care :)

    Love you lots !