Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lafayette here we come

First I could go, then I couldn't go, then I was going again and something else happened.... now I'm going to Lafayette for a crop.  

Her is the info... in case anyone else wants to go.... ha ha  soooo I'll be blogging again Monday... with lots of LO's I hope, Happy Weekend.

Store hours this week:  Mon - Thursday:  10 am - 6 pm
                   Friday - 10 am - midnight
                   Saturday 10 am - 7 pm
                  Sunday - Closed


It's almost here!!!

Our big weekend starts this Thursday at 9:00 am!!!  We are soooo excited!  We've got lots of cool things planned....and everythings so organized it's almost scary!!!!

I have some last minute details that I hope answers everyone's questions.....

We are very lucky....we have McCallister's Deli on the premises.  It is very nice of them to come to our event and they will be serving awesome foot at reasonable prices!  For lunch you will have a choice of Sandwiches and soups.  We are going to be having something different every night....Pastalaya Thursday, Red Beans and Rice on Friday and Lasagna on Saturday.  We are also having a snack and coke/water bar.  We are also trying to get an ice Tea Machine.  My kids Cassidy and Dakota will be working the booth trying to earn a little extra summer money!  I'm really kind of excited to have them there!!!  It make my weekend that much more fun!

The menu will be located in your registration packets and by the concession stand.

You can also bring your own ice chests into the building as long as it doesn't interfere with other people's spots are is not in the way of aisles.  (I guess that means a small ice chest).

Coffee - we will be having complimentary coffee.  If you can, please bring your coffee mugs with lids.  This will not only help with the cost of paper cups, but if it gets knocked over it won't destroy you or your neighbors scrapbook area.

Spaces available:

We have a few spots open for individual parties.  If you sign up now, you will not be able to request to sit with anyone in particular.  If you want to come on Thursday, we still have spots available for a group of 4 people.


If you are not attending the event, you are more than welcome to come shopping at the event.  I know we have lots of new things that I haven't had time to put on my website.  Simply Scrappin and Scrapalicious will be there too.  I heard they ordered all kinds of cool things too!  We also have an awesome Stampin Up rep at the event if you need anything from Stampin Up.  Scrapbook Gal will be there on Friday evening and Saturday to sell her Scrapping PJ's, shirts and jackets.

**Everyone attending the event will have a large bag on their table.  Please bring the bag for shopping.  You can leave the bag with your goodies and we'll key it in and bring it back to your table.

Our Summer Kitz will be available for purchase at the event.  It's titled "A Splash of Summer"!  I will be posting pictures on our website before the event.  We will sell them at the event and then take orders online for the next round.  The cost will be $35 for supplies for both layouts and instructions....

Also, the Disney Kitz are ready to be picked up.  We have a few left to sell at the event also.

The t-shirts are going to be really cool!  Everyone who paid a registration fee will get a free t-shirt.  We will have additional shirts on sale for $25 each.  I also ordered the lightweight jackets with hoods.  These jackets are awesome.  I think I have 5 of them!  I wear them all the time!  The Jackets are $45 and are fitted.  We have them in the sizes XL - 3X.  I didn't order many, so if you want one, please make sure you buy them early.  They go pretty fast.

Event Hours
The Event will open at 9 am Thursday and close at 1:00 pm Sunday.
We will closing at midnight every night and opening back up at 9:00 am each morning. 

Check In
Please check in at the registration table when you get there.  You will be giving your packet which includes your t-shirt, Class tickets, make and take ticket and drawing tickets.

***Watch out for the little frog!!!  The frog has a number on it which will be used for drawing!  We will have drawings every 2 hours for scrapbooking goodies!!!

The packet will also include an agenda of the whole weekend and a menu of the deli.

We will have one big drawing every night.  You will have a pink, blue & purple ticket in your packet.  Make sure you put your ticket in the jar each day at the Registration table.

Make and Take Ticket - Please present your make and take ticket at the TM Make and Take Booth to do the make and take.  The make and take is sponsored by Pink Paislee...and you will leave with a cute one page layout and lots of cool techniques!
**times of make and take are Friday & Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm.
**There are no "make and take" kits available.  You must participate in the make and take to get the make and take.


We still have a few classes that have spots available.  If you want to sign up for a class, we will have the class display in the lobby.  Please go to the TM store booth and pay for the class.  We will issue you a class ticket.

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