Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had some fun.... my husby went off to play golf, something he has only played a few times, but he dragged Bea's hubby as well, who has never played before... and guess who won..... yep you guessed  Steve won... just call him 'Tiger'.

Bea and I went to Papermoon, with the other girls, and scrapped all day (of course)

My results are as follows.
Maudi, Micky, Diane and Arend
done for Pink Elephant

and some old pictures of my daughter (now 24) 
having a fun battle with her dad, 
for Stuck on you Sketches

and the last one was not done for a challenge just for fun, just so you understand, I am making an album for Siobhan now 24 of all her photos, this one was taken the Sundat after she was born in May 1986

I did do one more of my youngest grandson, which you will see later in the week.

Today was church, and it was awesome!!!!!  Afterwards was supposed to be a ride with the Motor Cycle Ministry - a group of guys who go to our church, who ride, and we get together with them occasionally to share a hobby.... oh oh it was raining pretty heavy so it was too dangerous to go... oh well better luck next time.


  1. Gorgeous pages! Oh my goodness.... I just posted my pages too and wrote almost the same thing. We are "in tune" my sweet friend!!!!!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. I am so glad you are happy there !

    Miss You !

  3. Great layouts with lots of CUTE details!!

  4. Ok just want to let you know real quick, that your link over at SOUS was only the photo and not your blog, so I googled your blog name and found you...not sure if you want to relink or not?
    But anyways....look at all your hard work! I love all the bright pages and how fun they all are!
    Again, so very glad that you joined us this week! Leah