Wednesday, June 9, 2010


"Let today be the day, when you allow yourself to be still, and let peace fill you"
Blessed Be.

Just To Be

Just to be, a silent witness to the wind, stirring in the tree.
Just to be present, long enough, to let peace be.

Just to love myself, enough, in every day,
to know that past does not matter,
and the future has yet to be.

Just to know, that if I stop a while,
and feel the presence of my heart,
within it, there is so much love,
that I never have to fear,
what I will feel,
if I allow myself
 to stand still.

Like a tree
 in the

I have been scrapbooking at Paper Moon for the last two days, with the nicest bunch of pople you could hope to meet. several challenges accomplished and some of Siobhans album and some old fashioned enjoyment.

Siobhan with her Oma (grandma)

Simply Scrapping Challenge

Keith with his youngest, my first industrial look Layout

This one was for fun My daughter Jaquie, (see blog @jacqies)and 
youngest grandson Yvano (they live in the Netherlands)

A double page, visit of Bethany Keiths Granddaughter

Another grandson Conner (I have three grandsons, and one granddaughter, 
and they are all beautiful)

Last one is my 'babe', my husband Keith

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  1. wow..... Love that poem!!!!! and those pages are gorgeous! Can't wait for more fun today.... scrapping, market, picnic, oh boy, I'm already dressed in green!