Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day Out and Montana Lay Outs

I haven't blogged for a few days now, one day I was scrapbooking at a dear friends house for the afternoon, the next day we went out for the day to play tourist, which was lovely, and this morning I managed to scratch my cornea, so I haven't been able to scrap today. Soooo I took some photos of an album I have been working on since September, it's not finished yet, of a wedding we were invited to in Montana, Mike and Heidi are in the Air Force in Omaha Heidi comes from Montana and mike come from Holland, his dad is American and has been my husbands buddy since the year dot, when there were young uns in the Air Force together.

This is the cabin we stayed in two families on the top floor, one in the middle and two in the bottom level.
The surrounding area of the cabin
This speaks for itself Lake McDonald
Trading Post
The Wedding He saw her for the first time

More of the wedding
Montana Vortex
More of the Votex, marbles run uphill you can't take pictures in the middle of the circles, and the trees grow in toards the middle.
Families from Oklahoma, South Carolina, Pennsylvania (us),  North Holland,
and East Holland

Mike with his brother, and Best Man Wesley

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  1. wow..... so many beautiful pages!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished album. Hope you are feeling better!!!!! See you manana for a scrapbooking fabulous day!