Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Party Animals

There hasn't been much going on in the Crisman household, Keith has weekend duty, so that coupled with nights meant we didn't have time to do much.

We did get some inexpensive shelving, and I am busy after moving in, to move my scrapping area to the dining room, to clear a room for Siobhan and Joey, they are not moving down until end June but that will soon be here.

I am going back up to Pittsburgh on Thursday, Siobhans' birthday is on Saturday (can't believe she is 24).

Today I was scrapbooking with some friends at Paper Moon, and made two layouts. Beatriz suggested I submit one for the challenge on Stuck on Sketches http://stuckonusketches.blogspot.com/ which is buttons.

The other is the trip to Montana for Mike and Heidi's wedding, moving on to multiple photo pages to get it done.... no still have quite a lot of photos to scrap.


  1. Beautiful pages!!!!! It was fund to scrap together again and thank you for the buttons!
    Have fun on your trip and come back soon!

  2. Love you mum, the pages are great :)

  3. Well Hello Hello!
    I am SO glad that you did submit this! These are such wonderful pages!

    I love your blog design, so cute!

    Thanks for joining...awesome stuff!!!