Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keith cutting or yard with his little mower.
Guess what, he taught me how to ride it... what a lot of levers.

Some of my recent layouts, this is one more of the Montana layouts, Group photos of the Harper extended family, people from North Holland, Dave, Petra, Wes and Sam, East Holland, Henk, Manon and Kids, from Oklahoma, Darlene and Byon, Trish and Bobbie, from South Carolina Connie and Patrick and kids, from omaha mike and from PA (at that time) Keith and I.

The other page shows the brothers Mike and Wes.

Couple of layouts made at the Scrap, four day of which I was at two.

Family circle

Bubbles - starring Maudi
(my most beautiful granddaughter)

Jacquie and Marcel are just back from a weeks vacation in the Ardennes to celebrate da da da rah (my trumpet call) 12.5 years of marriage (yes its a Dutch thing to celebrate 1/2 of 25 years) They've been together about 22 years Wow!!!! such an achievment in this day and age. Marcels parents went with them, and of course Yvano, my most beautiful grandson. They did lots of nice things, and Jaquie sent me this picture of Yvano.

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  1. you have four wonderful grandchildren :)

    cute photo of Yvano huh !